March 7, 2016

About Business Intelligence Solutions

Facing issues such as inconsistent quality and increasing costs, healthcare providers and life science organizations are transforming their care and business models to be more patient centric, evidence and value based. These changes create an information explosion and a huge opportunity to optimize clinical and operational outcomes, yet many healthcare organizations fail to realize this opportunity due to the volume and variety of data.

Eighty percent of organizational data is unstructured and omitted from traditional analysis. Optimal care and business outcomes require analysis that includes structured and unstructured data. The faster you can unlock data from all of your information sources, the more rapidly you will reveal actionable clinical and operational insights.

With a fully integrated Business Analytics and Cyber Security, Business Intelligence Solutions, an IBM Business Partner, can help healthcare providers and Life Science organizations capture, activate, analyze, socialize, govern and secure content better, while connecting with applications and existing systems across the enterprise.

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