Cyber Security and Healthcare Analytics

The Data Explosion

Medical data are expected to double every 73 days by 2020.
Go to Collaborate to Improve Outcomes

Collaborate to Improve Outcomes

Transform your organization’s value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data – across populations and at the level of the individual – for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions.

Go to Clinical Data and Patient Information

Clinical Data and Patient Information

Protect valuable data and applications with security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance from diverse sources for diverse targets and multiple domains; then secure and protect it for collaboration.

Go to Empower Patients and Clinicians

Empower Patients and Clinicians

Using predictive analytics can help clinicians maximize insight generated through each interaction, to better coordinate resources to empower individuals to manage their own health and well-being.

Go to Show Case and Business Resources

Show Case and Business Resources

Our broad capabilities help organizations increase the value of data for information-intensive projects like big data and analytics, application consolidation and retirement, security and compliance.

Access, Analyse and Protect Data

Improve health, outcomes and reduce costs.

The healthcare transformation is driving healthcare organizations to be able to manage patient populations to improve health, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Healthcare and life science organizations have gained deeper insight into population chronic diseases to enable proactive interventions. This insight requires the capture, security and centralization of disparate data sources to enable enterprise wide reporting.

The movement to value based care requires population insights to get the right data securely to the right place at the right time in order to truly impact patient care.

  • insight from analytics is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible

  • apply those insights to predict future events, and act to achieve your desired outcomes

  • classify sensitive data, assess vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and manage access

  • use analytics and automation to help detect threats faster

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